November 17 Server Update Notice


Dear Guardian Lord, 

In order to ensure a better experience, the game will be updated at 09:00 on November 17, 2022 (GMT+8). The update is expected to take 10 minutes. During this time, you will not be able to login to the game. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

What's New: 

New Features:

1. Replacement: Faction Stone and Talisman Replacement have arrived! More interesting strategies to faction selection and heroes training will be available.

In the Feature interface, you can consume [Replacement Stones] to replace the existing Faction Stones with another faction's Faction Stones. Legendary and Mythical Faction Stones require different number of [Replacement Stones].

Meanwhile, you can also consume [Replacement Stones] to replace unused hero talisman with another hero's talisman. Legendary and Mythical talismans require different number of [Replacement Stones].


1) The Replacement feature will be unlocked when Guardian Lord reaches Lv. 100.

2) Only unused Faction Stones and Talismans in your inventory can be replaced. Replacement Stones can be obtained by purchasing gift packs or through auction events. 

2. Dharmic Summon Order: After purchasing it, you will get Jade Rings for several days in a row. The Jade Rings will help you to get your favorite heroes faster! 

3. Quick Summon: Enable this option in the summoning interface to speed up the animation of hero summoning and skip the display of the heroes you already owned.

4. Limited-time Skin Discount: Here comes a great offer! From November 17 - November 30, all skins are 20% off at the Skin Shop. Don't miss it! 


1. Eight new features have been added to the Feature Manual: Morph Card, Hero Awakening, Hero Promotion, Server Quiz, Relic Gem, Penglai Island, Battles with Lady White Bone and Glory Duel. Some of the newly added feature-related quests need to be done again. For example, when the main character reaches Lv. 3, they need to be promoted again to complete the quest.

2. Optimized the daily special offer and added some new gift pack types.

3. Adjusted the weekly purchase limit for some items in the Sect Shop: Now [Divine Dew] can be purchased 3 times per week, [Book of Heaven Shards] can be purchased 2 times per week.

4. Optimized the Faction Compete bets. Now Guardian Lords who participate in and win the Faction Compete top 8 and above will obtain rewards directly, no bets needed.

5. Added new background music to the Faction Compete and Cross-server Contest interfaces.

6. Added some new story illustrations.

7. Added new dynamic effects for some adventure stages. 

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed an issue with the incorrect weekly clear identifier in Battles with Lady White Bone, which should be an individual identifier.

2. Fixed an issue where the cultivation interface was not refreshed in time after equipping and removing a Morph Card.

3. Fixed an issue where the Morph Card skin was not displayed in the Favorability main interface after equipping a Morph Card. 

Monkey King: Arena of Heroes operations team

November 16, 2022