December 1 Server Update Notice


Dear Guardian Lord, 

 In order to ensure a better experience, the game will be updated at 09:00 on December 01, 2022 (GMT+8). The update is expected to take 30 minutes. During this time, you will not be able to login to the game. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

What's New: 

New Features

1. Bond Spell: New powerful spells arrived! 7 new Bond Spells are introduced with this update: Persistent Dominance, Show of Power, Eliminate Demons, Fanning the Flames, Quirky, Doushuai True Dharma and Form is Nothingness. 

Bond Spells are spells created by the combination of multiple heroes. To activate a Bond Spell, the shards of the specified hero and the shards of any legendary hero must reach the required amount. Each Bond Spell can be upgraded, the higher the level, the more powerful it is!


1) Bond Spells are available when you reach level 100.

2) You may access Bond Spells from [Spells] in the upper right corner of your screen. 

2. Homeland Invitation: A new event is added to Homeland! You may unlock this feature when your Favorability with a hero reaches level 8, and have unlocked a certain area (such as bedroom, living room, etc.). If you have already unlocked this feature, you may trigger random invitations in your Homeland and receive visit request letters from heroes. After accepting them, you will be able to interact with the heroes you invited.

The hidden places that may trigger invitation need to be explored on you own. After successful invitations, heroes will appear in your Homeland and can be interacted with.

Currently only a limited number of heroes can trigger the invitation: 

[Celestial Realm] The Emperor, Lord Erlang, Chang'e, The Empress, Matchmaker

[Holy Realm] Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Tang Monk

[Underworld] Lady White Bone, Yama, Mengpo, White Mouse, Thousand Hands

[Demon Realm] Golden Wing Roc, Bull Demon King, Princess Iron Fan, Princess Peacock, Red Boy 

3. New server and new target quest: New servers opened on the day of this update and after will have target quests for day 8 to day 14 after server opening, bringing more fun for new Guardian Lords.

4. New mecha skins: Golden Wing Roc and White Mouse's skins will be released! 


1. Glory Duel season start time is changed to 08:00 on Mondays (GMT+8).

2. Adjusted Glory Duel's background music.

3. Adjusted the tier of some titles.

4. Optimized the display of Relic Gems comparison in Power Comparison.

5. Added new story illustrations for chapter 13.

6. Fixed some translation issues. 

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where the countdown of the current Natal Halidom is not finished before switching to another Natal Halidom.

2. Fixed an issue where the Ghost Fire summoned by [White Guard] will be healed by the enemy heroes.

3. Fixed an issue where [Sharp Eyes Fortune] only works on Stun.

4. Fixed an issue where the special effect of [Ghost Haunting Fortune] is not triggered correctly.

5. Fixed an issue where the [Jade Vixen Awaken 3] feature takes effect more than once.

6. Fixed the errors in Glory Duel Leaderboard and Cross-server Battle Report.

7. Fixed an issue where the game may get stuck when heroes speak in storyline quests.

8. Fixed an issue where finished auctions are still shown if players accept Spiritual Ruins invitation in the auction interface and return from the Spiritual Ruins.

9. Fixed an issue with abnormal adventure stage switch under certain circumstances.

10. Fixed an issue where tapping Voice in Hero Favorability interface will cause Chang'e assistant to pause.

11. Fixed an issue where the Guardian Lord's avatar is not displayed in the participation interface in Battles with Lady White Bone.

12. Fixed an issue where unknown error may occur when tapping private chat in cross-server chat.

13. Fixed an issue where the Energy given by cross-server friends is not counted correctly. 

Monkey King: Arena of Heroes operations team

November 30, 2022