December 8 Server Update Notice


Dear Guardian Lord,

In order to ensure a better experience, the game will be updated at 09:00 on December 08, 2022 (GMT+8). The update is expected to take 30 minutes. During this time, you will not be able to login to the game. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

What's New:

New Features

1. New adventure stages: After the update, adventure instance [Chapter 20] and elite instance [Chapter 20] will be available.

2. Ascension and Deliverance: After the update, the limit of Ascension is increased to [x20], and Deliverance instance [Chapter 20] will become available.


1. Added Quick Challenge for [Pet Realm], which will be unlocked when Guardian Lord reach level 100.

2. Adjusted the [Form is Nothingness] spell effect. Now the allies will not be Confused even if enemies resist or the spell fails to hit the target.

3. Optimized the times of [Form is Nothingness] Fortune in per round battle to balance the values of per stealing health.

4. Optimized the procedure of Talisman upgrading. Now you can choose to disable the prompt of whether to use the Omni Talisman. 

5. Optimized the prompt for Bond Spells when they can be upgrade.

6. Optimized the font size of floating letters in battle.

7. Optimized the display of some in-game text.

8. Fixed some translation issues.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where the Silver Horn spell carried by [Golden Wing Roc] was triggered when the confused [Golden Wing Roc] killed friendly heroes.

2. Fixed an issue where the spell [Eliminate Demons] took effect on a wrong target.

3. Fixed an issue where the game would report an error if players tap a spell too fast in Beginner's Guide.

4. Fixed an issue where the number of hero shards was not refreshed in time after redirecting from the [Bond Spell] interface to Raid to get hero shards and then coming back.

5. Fixed an issue where some story dialogues were unresponsive and could only be skipped or automatically played.

6. Fixed an issue where the avatar preview had no skin in [Homeland Invitation].

7. Fixed an issue where the music tracks of mecha series skins were not fully played in the login interface.

8. Fixed an issue where live comments could not be disabled in [Three Realms War] and [Battles with Lady White Bone].

Monkey King: Arena of Heroes operations team

December 07, 2022