January 15 Server Update Notice


Dear Guardian Lord, 

 In order to ensure a better experience, the game will be updated at 09:00 on January 15, 2023 (GMT+8). The update is expected to take 30 minutes. During this time, you will not be able to login to the game. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

What's New: 

New Features:

1. New pet [Nian Beast]: 100% chance to inflict [Stunned] on enemy heroes at the odd-number positions for 1 turn. 

Notes: Players in servers for which the Pet Wish event takes place on the same day as the update can obtain [Nian Beast] from the event after 9:00 (GMT +8) when the update is completed. Those in servers for which the Pet Wish event is not yet available can obtain [Nian Beast] subsequently when the event is open. 

2. New skins: New outfits are now available. With this update, you will have four new styles to choose from: [Sun Wukong-Fireworks Spectacular], [Lady White Bone-Snow Plum Blossom], [Chang'e-Bunny New Year] and [Princess Iron Fan-Lion Dance Celebration]. Don't miss out!

3. New main city background: Usher in 2023 with a brand new main city background and login screen! Prepare for a fully revamped visual experience after the update. Homeland now has a brand-new Spring Festival exclusive look. Go check it out! 

Notes: Spring Festival main city background can be obtained from the [Bunny New Year] event. For more information, check out the event announcements. 

4. New Fairyland chapter: Chapter 13 [Doushuai Palace] (available 140 days after server launch). 


1. Added a Quick Ascension feature

2. Added Adventure Instance 4-10 storyline

3. Added an in-game info push switch

4. Added quick refresh and auto purchase functions for the [Talisman Shop] (Notes: Available on servers that have been launched for at least 30 days)

5. Increased the consumption limit for different types of Holy Peaches

6. Optimized the pre-battle process

7. Optimized the matchmaking speed for Glory Duel

8. Optimized the daily quest display for Glory Duel

9. Resolved the issue where the interface would refresh when donating Hero Shards to another Sect member

10. Optimized the artwork display of Golden Wing Roc's [Blackwing Mecha] in the Leaderboard

11. Optimized the auto voice playback feature in chats 

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the issue whereby a raid does not stop immediately when sufficient materials have dropped if a player performs a raid with Natal Halidom [Shennong Cauldron] in possession

2. Fixed an issue whereby the Talisman interface is shown instead when checking another Guardian Lord's Fortune under certain conditions

3. Fixed an issue whereby the Talisman equipping quests on day 3 of the 7-day New Server Quests cannot be completed under certain conditions

4. Fixed an issue whereby the third quest in Master, Run of the [Feature Manual] cannot be completed

5. Fixed the issue of a time difference between the Master, Run event and the game

6. Fixed the issue whereby the Sect application screen keeps refreshing

7. Fixed an issue whereby the number of participants is shown as 0 even though there are members who have participated in the Sect Boss event under certain conditions

8. Fixed an issue whereby [My Sect's Points] is always shown as 0 at the Sect Quiz event under certain conditions

9. Fixed the issue of text overlap involving Sect members

10. Fixed the issue whereby the main character's star level is not shown when performing Power Comparison with another Guardian Lord while equipping a Morph Card

11. Fixed a display error involving the attributes the other Guardian Lord obtained from Holy Peaches during Power Comparison

12. Fixed a squad display error when checking a Guardian Lord's squad info at the results screen of Cross-server Contest

13. Fixed an issue whereby Guardian Lords cannot exit the Spiritual Ruins Instance even when time is up under certain conditions

14. Fixed an issue whereby the game freezes during the beginner tutorial of Daily Instance

15. Fixed an issue whereby the game freezes during the beginner tutorial of Elite Instance

16. Fixed an issue whereby the name of the first Guardian Lord to clear the instance is not shown under certain conditions

17. Fixed an issue whereby the CP boost from Bond Spell upgrade is not shown

18. Fixed an issue whereby there is no prompt when there are fusable Heroes in the Inventory

19. Fixed an issue whereby an error is shown within Penglai Island under certain conditions

20. Fixed an issue involving the Hero farewell countdown timer in [Homeland Invitation]

21. Fixed an issue whereby Armament Handbook is not activated when an Armament is awakened to a higher level

22. Fixed an issue whereby Attack Tokens are increased when a Guardian Lord defeated 10 weaker opponents in Spiritvein

23. Fixed an issue whereby Heroes in the main city disappears under certain conditions 

Monkey King: Arena of Heroes operations team

January 14, 2023