January 31 Server Update Notice


Dear Guardian Lord,

In order to ensure a better experience, the game will be updated at 09:00 on January 31, 2023 (GMT+8). The update is expected to take 30 minutes. During this time, you will not be able to login to the game. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

What's New:

New Features

1. New Hero [Nezha] -- Brand new Mythical Hero makes a stunning debut! With this update, Guardian Lords can now unleash the power of Nezha.


1) Check in-game descriptions for Nezha's skills, spells, talisman traits and other details.

2) Nezha can be obtained from the event [Nezha is Here]. Refer to the event notice for more details.

2. New adventure stages: After the update, adventure instance [Chapter 24] and elite instance [Chapter 24] will be available.

3. Ascension and Deliverance: After the update, the limit of Ascension is increased to [x24], and Deliverance instance [Chapter 24] will become available.


1. Optimized the Action Points refilling rules for Spiritual Ruins Auto Explore such that Action Points will no longer be automatically replenished when there are at least 50% of Action Points left.

2. Added a consumption limit for Epic Holy Peaches and a limit time prompt.

3. Added a Fortune limit to Fortune Handbook.

4. Adjusted the trigger rate of White Guard Spell [Doom Seeker] and HP recovery percentage.

5. Optimized the [Refinement] quest in the Daily Quest to lower the requirement from refining Armament 3 times to just 1 time.

6. Added a sort function to Friends List.

7. Added a countdown display to show the time needed after a player leave a Sect and before the player can join a new Sect.

8. Optimized the display for Morph Card comparison in Power Comparison.

9. Optimized the certain in-game sound effects.

10. Optimized the Auto Explore function in Penglai Island, such that after clearing Floor 30, there is no need to defeat the boss to activate the auto function.

11. Optimized the Emotes in the chat channels to provide more options for Guardian Lords.

12. Adjusted the price of Sect name change.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue whereby the Combo Point holding limit is different from the description when Pilanpo Spell [Lotus of the True Dharma] is at Lv. 3.

2. Fixed an issue with the triggering of The Emperor Spell [Divine Punishment] at Lv. 6.

3. Fixed an issue whereby Equinox Flower Spell [Waiting Game] fails to take effect in battle when equipped by Thousand Hands.

4. Fixed an issue whereby Jade Vixen Talisman [Fox Round Fan] +25 Features is different from the description, as it should be only for [Combustion Support] targets.

5. Fixed an issue whereby the trigger chance of Black Guard Spell [Die Together] is lower than that of Keepsake [A Sprig of Plum Blossom] Set Features.

6. Fixed an issue whereby a Daylight with Awakened Skin would be summoned when Wanderers Spell [Night and Day] is carried by a hero who is wearing a skin.

7. Fixed an issue whereby Golden Horn Spell [Order of Eviction] selects the wrong main target.

8. Fixed an issue whereby the damage reflected by Black Guard Spell [Die Together] can exceed the hero's HP.

9. Fixed an issue whereby the Instance attempt chances fail to refresh with the game clock until the player login to the game again.

10. Fixed an issue whereby EXP exceeding the current refinement level limit would be cleared when refining an Armament.

11. Fixed an issue whereby the opponents' Sect is shown wrongly in the blocklist of Three Realms War.

12. Fixed an issue whereby Pet Realm Idling Rewards may be lesser.

13. Fixed an issue whereby Guardian Lords' Title is not shown in the Leaderboard under certain conditions.

14. Fixed an issue whereby Guardian Lords' Skin Avatar is not shown in Sect Boss under certain conditions.

15. Fixed an issue whereby Guardian Lords' Morph Card Avatar is shown wrongly in the Friends interface under certain conditions.

16. Fixed a stuttering issue when making multiple purchases using the Auto Purchase function to buy Talismans at the Shop.

17. Fixed an issue whereby negative numbers are shown when Penglai Island challenge fails.

18. Fixed an issue whereby the discount is shown wrongly at the Gift Shop for certain time-limited events (such as East Sea Hunting, Xihe's Realm, etc.)

19. Fixed an issue whereby the sect point of sect boss event is incorrectly calculated if the damage is too high.

20. Fixed an issue of incorrect main character star level in the Spell Comparison of Power Comparison.

21.Fixed an issue whereby only a friendly hero is defeated does White Mouse triggers her breakthrough +15, as the skill could only be trigged when her opponent's hero is defeated.

Monkey King: Arena of Heroes operations team

January 30, 2023