February 9 Server Update Notice


Dear Guardian Lord,

In order to ensure a better experience, the game will be updated at 09:00 on February 09, 2023 (GMT+8). The update is expected to take 30 minutes. During this time, you will not be able to login to the game. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

[Update Time]

09:00, February 09, 2023 (GMT+8)

[Maintenance Compensation]

Ingot x500, Golden Chest x5

What's New:

[New Content]

1. Added a level limits to Talisman advancement which will be unlocked at Day 155 and Day 200 after server launch.


1. Pushed forward the unlock level of Fortune slots by 5 levels after Lv.80.

2. Optimized "Prosperity Fortune" to increase the HP recovery for each damage, reduce the number of times it is triggered each round, and increase the total HP recovery.

3. Enhanced the 3-piece set effect of Keepsake "The Bodhisattva Tune" from "boosts the DEF of all other friendly Heroes by 20%" to "boosts the DEF of all other friendly Heroes by 30%".

4. Pushed forward the unlock level for Pet Realm Quick Challenge from Lv.100 to Lv.90.

5. Adjusted the display sequence of available Fortunes in Mythical Fortunes (Pick any) such that new Fortunes will be shown first.

6. Optimized the display such that same Fortunes are stacked in the Fortune interface and added the display for the Fortunes stored in the Fortune Handbook and the Fortunes that can be directly taken from the Hero Fortune interface and stored in the Fortune Handbook.

7. Added a cross-server battle report function for "Glory Duel" so that players can now check on the battle reports of players from other servers within the same area.

8. Optimized the stutter issue during Spiritvein Raid for certain mobile phone models.

9. Adjusted the first refresh time of "Fangcun Paint" from 3 days to 2 days.

10. Extended the dissipation time of Legendary Internal Demon from 2 hr to 6 hr.

11. Optimized the Auto Purchase function of the Talisman Shop such that players can continue to buy a Talisman even when the Talisman is at max level.

[Bug Fixes]

1. Fixed the issue whereby when a Healer attacks while carrying Keepsake "Lament of Banished", Guanyin spells cannot be triggered.

2. Fixed the issue whereby when a Healer attacks while carrying Keepsake "Lament of Banished", buffs, such as "Yama Fortune", cannot be correctly calculated after being hit.

3. Fixed the issue whereby when HP recovers through "Rejuvenate" while in "Incarnation" state, the HP will reset when returning back to Hero form.

4. Fixed the issue whereby when entering "Incarnation" state while in Combo state, Lotus will continue the Combo.

5. Fixed the issue of repeated words in skill description of Pet "Ying Dragon".

6. Fixed the issue whereby under certain circumstances, the buff is too low for the feature effect of Keepsake "Crushing Formats".

7. Fixed the issue of abnormal damage value description after upgrading Lord Juling's skill "Dharma" (actual effect remains the same).

8. Fixed the issue whereby certain special buff combinations in Fangcun Paint may cause the battle to freeze.

9. Fixed the issue whereby when Sha Wujing enters [Confused] state, normal attack assist for teammates may be triggered.

10. Fixed the issue whereby after being summoned, Talisman "Spectre Bead" Features 5 Asura may disappeared before the end of battle.

11. Fixed the issue whereby when a Healer carries Bull Demon King Fortune and Spell "Fanning the Flames", they will be triggered even when healing ally Heroes.

12. Fixed the issue of incorrect Hero location at the results screen when the battle ends under certain special conditions.

13. Fixed the issue whereby there is a chance that other players are not shown at phase 2 of [Three Realms War].

14. Fixed the issue with the description on how to obtain Titles "Matchless Skills" and "Celeste Roamer".

15. Fixed the issue whereby Thousand Hands cannot carry "Scorching Venom", "Samadhi Flame" and "River of Oblivion Fortune". 

16. Fixed the issue whereby without clearing the normal instance, players can enter the corresponding elite instance under certain conditions.

17. Fixed the issue whereby some cross-server groups freeze during Cross-server Contest.

18. Fixed the issue which makes Achievement "Returning Gods" impossible to complete and optimized the completion condition to: Activate all Hero Handbooks (except limited heroes)

19. Fixed the issue of system Marquee error when Cross-server Contest starts.

20. Fixed the issue whereby after a Legendary Internal Demon is defeated, a red pot will appear on the dissipated Internal Demon.

21. Fixed the issue whereby the Ascension level of other players' squad is not shown in the preparation screen of Arena battles.

Monkey King: Arena of Heroes operations team

February 08, 2023